Emkay Tools has developed application taps for Cast Iron Tapping, having a special geometry and thread tolerance which is suitable for tapping in cast iron and also in short chipping S.G. Iron. These taps have chamfer of 2 thread lengths and can be used for both through holes and blind holes.

Emkay Cast Iron taps are available in the following threads :

✅   Metric Coarse in ISO2 (6H Tolerance)
✅   Metric Coarse Special Tolerance (4H,5H,6G,7G, etc)
✅   Metric Fine in ISO2 (6H Tolerance)
✅   Metric Fine Special Tolerance (4H,5H,6G,7G, etc)
✅   Extra Long Metric Coarse & Metric Fine in Standard and Special Tolerances.
✅   UNC / UNF
✅   BSW / BSF