Spiral Fluted Taps are designed primarily for machine tapping in blind holes. They are suitable for tapping in soft materials such as aluminium and soft steels, which produce long and stringy chips. The shear action provided by the spiral flutes draws the chip out of the hole, allowing greater depth of threading without chip clogging.

Emkay Tools spiral fluted taps are available in low & fast spiral combination. In fast spiral fluted tap (35°) thread length is shorter than thread length in other types of taps.

Emkay Spiral Fluted taps are available in the following threads:

✅   Metric Coarse in ISO2 (6H Tolerance)
✅   Metric Coarse Special Tolerance (4H,5H,6G,7G, etc)
✅   Metric Fine in ISO2 (6H Tolerance)
✅   Metric Fine Special Tolerance (4H,5H,6G,7G, etc)
✅   Extra Long Metric Coarse & Metric Fine in Standard and Special Tolerances.
✅   UNC / UNF
✅   BSW / BSF